Requirements, setup instructions, and how to get it running with a PBX



Stable distribution setup:

$ yum install python python-setuptools
$ sudo easy_install simplejson
$ sudo easy_install -U pygooglevoice

Bleeding edge source code setup:

$ yum install python python-setuptools mercurial
$ sudo easy_install simplejson
$ hg clone pygooglevoice
$ cd pygooglevoice
$ sudo python install

Asterisk Setup

Here is how to integrate Google Voice with a PBX. This guide was designed for PBX in a flash, which is built upon Asterisk

The first steps are to install PBX in a flash. Here is a good guide for doing so

Running the setup above copies over a setup script to integrate into your Asterisk configuration setup. Simply run $ asterisk-gvoice-setup answer a couple questions, then restart your PBX instance.

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